Bolivian Woman Works on the Journey to Mars


Would you like to be a part of history? Are Bolivians recognized for anything in particular? Recently, a Bolivian woman has accomplished a new and internationally recognized tasks: being a part of one of the most anticipated excursions to Mars. 


Camila Velazco Landeau, a Bolivian woman who is currently 29 years old,. She is part of the team of the special French agency. ThisWhich is the agency that made the SuperCam that NASA’s robot carries. The mission of this robot is to investigate if there was or is any evidence of life on Mars. This may vary depending on how we look at the other planets in the solar system. Depending if there is life found on Mars, we will determine if there is more life all around the solar system. This brings us to the question: I is Earth the only planet with life? So far, they haven’t had any updates of life on Mars. They only have evidence of the robot reaching the surface of Mars, which means that the robot has reached its destiny. 


Camila Velazco was extremely young when she left her hometown. She studied in a school in La Paz, Bolivia, the name of the school is Franco Boliviano. As soon as she finished her education in Bolivia, she moved to France to study space engineering, and got a masters degree in Aerospace engineering. Camila is also a great sports athlete. She loves sports that bring adrenaline, or are extreme. During her life in school she used to play soccer, and later on during her college years she played rugby. Nowadays she has a parachute permit, she practices free climbing, and bodybuilding.  


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