Bonny Lovy and La Cumbia Boliviana

A little over a month ago, a song by Bolivian singer Bonny Lovy premiered. This song titled “La Cumbia Boliviana,” seemed to be just one of his many songs, but we were wrong. This song reached unimaginable numbers for a Bolivian artist. This song, in a matter of days, reached a million views. One month after the release of the song, the video clip had 10 million views. His last famous song called “Muchachita ” had the same amount of views but in 4 years. This song was for a few weeks in trends in Bolivia, and in the top 50 most listened to songs in Bolivia. Bonny Lovy’s song was not only heard in Bolivia but in countries like Argentina, Paraguay, Chile, Peru, Spain, and England !!!

Although it sounds impressive, the song was heard and danced in England and by a famous person! Zulay Pogba, the wife of footballer Paul Paogba, uploaded a story dancing with her husband to the Bonny Lovy song. This happened on the birthday of one of the children of the Pogba family. Thanks to this story, many people went and listened to this song. The song also had its own TikTok trend; the song has a dance that any person can do. Many people from Bolivia and outside of Bolivia recorded themselves dancing to this song.

This theme is very different from what conventional cumbia used to be. This is what makes the song good and very catchy. The song will not stop is its expansion to different cities and people.

Andres Alba

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