Brazilian Tour Gold

Talita Antunes being 39 years old and Rebecca Cavalcanti 28 years old, won for the second time in a week. A bronze medal of the volleyball world beach pro tour Rosario elite16.

Both athletes claimed their fourth victory of the Brazilian tour (3ra etapa -Itepema) for the second time in 2022. Beating Cavalcanti and Rodrigues. 

Talita said after her victory “The most important thing in a new partnership is to believe in the work that’s being done” (Talita) 

“This team brought changes to both of us and we’re giving everything we have to make it work. The rewards are coming with two victories on the Brazilian Tour and a bronze medal on the Beach Pro Tour and that just makes us want to work even harder.” (Talita) 

Valeria Lagos

Hi , my name is Valeria Lagos. I’m a junior and my favorite class is art mix media. Moreover, I love playing volleyball.

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