Carnaval with Covid?

Carnival is by far one of the most anticipated festivities in Bolivia. Thanks to the famous parades or also known as “Corsos”, this holiday is highly anticipated. There is also the imposing parade of Oruro where many people who have religious devotion participate and dance the traditional dances of Bolivia. People of any age get excited about this festivity. Who among us did not expect Carnival to play with water?  Younger people wait for the festivity because of the different parties with music that are held.


The pandemic came as a glass of cold water as it changed everyone’s plan. The carnival party is not the exception since until now, it is not known if it will be possible to have a normal carnival. People demand a February where the holiday is celebrated, but the new variants of COVID can stop these plans. Before the OMICRON variant, the government issued a statement saying that the party in Oruro (which for many is the most important) was going to be held without any inconvenience. Now, it is being debated whether the party will continue normally or not. For now, the mayor of Cochabamba issued a statement where you can read that several parties have been canceled due to COVID.


Everyone is waiting for what is said by the central government. Many people do not want it to be canceled but if we see it from a medical point of view, the best option is to cancel everything for the carnival to prevent the virus from spreading. The opinion of many is that the holiday should continue as planned but other people think that this can cause a massive collapse of hospitals. Now, what should be the position of government? I leave that to you. 

Andres Alba

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