CES 2022

CES has returned to Las Vegas with companies showing their products physically rather than digitally, as they were forced to do so due to COVID last year. CES is one of the biggest technology events in the world with thousands of companies participating and showing off their products. Participating companies range from automobile manufacturers to farming industries. Multinational companies such as Samsung, Sony, BMW, and Mercedes introduced their plans for 2022 and gave demonstrations on their newest products. Here are some of the most interesting news that came out of this year’s CES.

Samsung vs LG back to war?

Samsung is a strong competitor when it comes to electronics. With Apple and Xiaomi, it has the biggest market share in the smartphone industry. When it comes to TVs however, Samsung’s opponent changes. Apple doesn’t make physical TVs and Xiaomi is relatively new to the industry. Currently, the competition here is between Samsung and LG, which is ironically another South Korean company. The two companies have the highest and second highest market share in the industry and are considered to have the most advanced technology. Samsung’s bright QLED TVs are only rivaled by LG’s equally great OLED TVs. As we can imagine, the two companies do not get along. Both companies used to make smartphones and mobile devices, but when LG withdrew from the market due to low sales, they allied with Apple by allowing Apple to sell iPhones in their LG stores. The two tech giants also compete in household electronics such as refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners, but their biggest battle is between their TVs. Since last year, LG has emphasized that their TVs are made from OLED displays which gives higher resolution and color accuracy compared to Samsung’s QLED TVs, which are made from LCD panels. Samsung meanwhile has claimed that by using Quantum Dot technology, their TVs don’t have the burn-in effect (which is seen on OLED TVs) that could ruin your display. Neither companies showed their latest TVs at CES this year, but the competition might just be firing up. 

BMW’s color changing car

It was only possible in movies before, but BMW has made a color-changing car that actually works in real life. BMW iX, which is an electric car made from the German manufacturer, has body panels that are made from E Ink displays. These panels allow the car to change color from white to black, and then back to white again. At the CES, the car switched back and forth between only black and white, but BMW said future models will be able to take on various colors. E Ink panels could be found in smartphones, wearables, kindles, and much more. It is a common technology that could change the color of the car while consuming low energy. While there is some skepticism, BMW believes that it is sturdy enough to be placed on a car and not unrealistic in terms of price either.

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