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Life hasn’t been feeling the same since 2019, and I believe we can all agree on that statement. Everyone has been going through so much lately that many feel entirely burned out. Burnout is a form of extreme chronic stress that can manifest in various dysfunctional ways. 


In a survey of 1,500 US workers, over half of the respondents experienced burnout in 2021. This data was compared to 43% who experienced burnout before COVID-19.


When your mind and body feel overwhelmed for a significant time, your overall health can also be affected. So here are some tips on recovering from burnout and feeling like yourself again. 

  • Identifying it.

Learning how to identify burnout can promote awareness of these common conditions and prevent it from happening in the future. Things such as feeling emotionally exhausted, physical symptoms such as headaches and digestive complications, lacking motivation, a feeling of detachment and loneliness, lower productivity, and low self-esteem are some ways to identify burnout.

  • Track your stressors.

Knowing your stress triggers will allow you to avoid and reduce interactions with them. Monitoring your anxiety will make you understand the patterns and behaviors behind it. 

  • Get some exercise done. 

When I say get some exercise, I do not mean to go and do a three-hour workout routine, and you just have to move your body, and it will help you release tension. Doing some yoga or going for a walk or run helps relieve stress. 

  • Create a work-life balance.

One of the significant causes of burnout is an imbalanced relationship with work or school. Attempt to make a balance between work and life. You can balance actions of time spent at work and time spent on non-work activities. 

  • Do new things that you enjoy.

Trying out new things is always fun and opens an exciting new world of possibilities for you. Having fun is an excellent place to start. So try committing to things that make you happy and will break down your stress levels, and it might even help you reconnect with yourself on an emotional level. 


Colette Lhuillier

Hi, my name is Colette, and currently, I am a junior at ACS. I have a lot of different hobbies, but mostly enjoy taking pictures of EVERYTHING. Current show obsession: Spiderman and Daredevil.

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