China’s New Train Prototype

The latest news reported that a prototype for a new high-speed Maglev train has been uncovered by China. The train is intended to travel up to 620 km/h, but researchers said they were working to extend the speed to 800 km/h. In order to show how the train would feel and look in public transportation, university researchers developed a 165-meter track. This incredible invention is approaching the speed of some planes. It runs on superconducting, high-temperature (HTS) power that makes it appear like the train is hovering all along magnetic rails. 

Superconductivity happens when electrical resistance approaches zero by being cooled to a very low temperature. To sustain quicker and more convenient maglev vehicles, the superconducting state would be incredibly important. Professor He Chuan (Southwest Jiaotong University Vice President) told reporters that within 3-10 years, the train could be functional. Shanghai Transrapid, which officially opened in 2002 and has a top speed of 430 km/h, is the world’s fastest commercial maglev service right now.

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