Cholitas Wrestling

Lately, I have been wondering if there are any typical sports in Bolivia. Therefore, I  did some research and found out that “Cholitas Wrestling” was one of Bolivia’s typical sports! Although the wrestling part of it is not from Bolivia, it has a local cultural element that makes it unique from the rest of the world. 

For those who do not know the “Cholitas”, they are indigenous women from the Bolivian highlands who wear traditional clothing. Two braids, hats, and colorful skirts are the most striking elements of their image.

Their shows take place, on the weekends, in El Alto and are one of the greatest tourist attractions. But behind this show, there are authentic “Cholitas” from La Paz — mothers and workers — who take the time to train in this discipline that combines performing arts with trained skills and agility.  Furthermore, they train three days a week in the ring, gym, and even in complementary sports such as swimming.

“Marta la Alteña” and “Angela la Simpática” are two famous figures from the Bolivian ring, who were invited to show their talent outside the country. One of these women got the honor to go to Madrid, Spain to show her exceptional talent.

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