Chris Rock gets rocked, yaaa

The 94th edition of the Oscars was held. The award ceremony was a success but not necessarily because of the prizes. During an award presentation, Will Smith, who won the Oscar for best actor, slapped well-known actor Chris Rock, but why? Well, Chris Rock was in charge of presenting one of the awards. During the presentation, he started making jokes about various things. One of the things he joked about was Will Smith and his wife. Chris rock made the joke about the boldness of the wife of the renowned actor. Chris Rock referred to Will Smith’s wife as the female lead in a movie called “G.I. Jane” who is also bald.


Will Smith got up from his seat and went straight to punch Chris Rock. This surprised the public and even all the actors. The slam was accompanied by “Keep my wife’s name out of your f###ing mouth.” Chris rock with all the professionalism in the world continued with the presentation. After this unfortunate event, people began to defend and attack Will Smith. People who defend Will Smith say that you have to defend the one you love at all times and that he did the right thing. The people who criticize him highlight the lack of professionalism in the actor.


This problem caused a lot of memes that you probably already saw. The one who benefited from this moment was the Oscars. Now I want to know your opinion. Do you think Will Smith acted too rashly?

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