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Christmas With COVID-19

I was so mad at my brother. He was going to ruin Christmas for everyone this year. Since it is my favorite holiday, I was devastated. All I could feel was rage towards my stupid brother who got Covid-19. My whole family had the Covid-19 test done and we were all negative, except for my brother. I was sure it was going to be the worst Christmas ever.

For Christmas, my whole family unites together to spend the 24th and 25th. My cousins and I had big plans for the end of the year. We were going to spend Christmas together as usual and do other fun activities. Even though we were quarantined for a big part of the year, we were able to become closer. But then, all those plans had to be canceled. I couldn’t believe I was not going to spend Christmas with my whole lovely family because of my moron brother. I had big plans, and he ruined them all. Since he had to be isolated, I was happy because I didn’t have to see his ugly face. 

Then Christmas Eve came. As usual, I helped to cook dinner and get the table ready. This time it was just my parents and my older brother at the table ready to eat. There was a twist this year though, we spent the night with Sergio in a zoom call. It was so weird, but it felt like he was there. Yes, he was missed, but I was still so angry at him. The night went by and we said goodbye to Sergio and we went to sleep. 

It was Christmas morning, and I woke up very late. My parents told me I was going to be able to spend Christmas with my whole family at my uncle’s house. I was so happy I couldn’t hold on to my tears and started to cry. After all, I was going to spend Christmas with my loved ones. We spent a very nice and fun afternoon and ate delicious food. 

After all, Christmas wasn’t ruined. Yes, I was very mad at my moron brother, but everything turned out great. I guess it was a Christmas miracle.

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