Climate Change the Devourer

Climate Change the Devourer

Climate change is here. Some writers and politicians have stated that we have 12 years to try to stop it. But most people have argued that it is too late and that human civilization is simply not for the task. 

So, we can’t stop climate change. This is due to the fact that it’s already here, and it’s also already too late to stop many of its catastrophic effects. What is true, is that its’ effects can get much worse over the course of these years, and if we are going to do something about it, then society has to change. Here’s the thing; Most scientists never declared that the world had an “end date”, which could be in 12 years, or by the end of this decade, if we don’t stop climate change. Most scientists are ringing the “alarm bells” about the effects of climate change, speaking in terms of higher temperatures and an increase of natural disasters, than to talk about the end of civilization as we know.

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