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College Life vs School Life

If you are currently a senior or a junior reading this, you’re welcome. I will open up your eyes and give you a different perspective on how your life will change once you finally go to college. 

I know that teachers and counselors are putting a lot of pressure in your shoulders, and that is completely fine because it will help you and encourage you to make the best decisions you can, but sometimes teachers tend to exaggerate a little. “In college teachers will not be as lenient as we are here” “Professors are not gonna put up with your childish behavior”. Yes, I’ve heard those phrases before and many more, but let me tell you something: 

In school, teachers mostly beg you to participate in class and be an active learner, but in college professors don’t really care if you speak, if you watch TikTok during a lecture, if you get there late or leave early or even if you don’t show up. Your college experience will only depend on you. 

I feel like the teacher at the school only want to speak about the harsh side of college, but for your luck, I will tell you the fun side. 

  • There are no dress codes in college, forget about worrying about you bra straps or boxers showing. You can even wear pajamas for a lecture. Trust me, no one will judge you. 
  • ACS has a beautiful familiar environment, but college opens up a world of people from different cultures, and you get to learn how people in other countries live. You become more curious and open minded. 
  • In school you mostly know everyone and can even consider many people from different grades “your friends”. As Miss Caro once told me, “In college you are not obligated to be friends with people just because you see them everyday”. That’s something I’ll never forget, because now I’ve realized that some of my friends at school were my “friends” just because we spent a lot of time together. In college there are so many people, that you don’t even get to know half of the people’s names. You become a little bit more selfish. You become selective with your friendships. 
  • For school, you tend to buy new materials such as notebooks and pens every year, for college, you will have one pencil that you stole from the library. 
  • Freshman 15. Okay I thought of it as a joke, but it isn’t. You hardly have time to work out, and since time is not on your side, you tend to eat what is the easiest and cheapest as well, in other words, fast food. 

Yes, college might be overwhelming and stressing at first, because it is never easy to change your environment and give up the life full of commodities that you have. But once you become more easy going and you get the hang of it, I guarantee you, you’ll love it. 


Someone that loved going to school and was afraid of college, but now is having the time of her life. 

Valentina Costas

Valentina is a 12th grader. She writes humoristic editorials. She is a crucial member of the marketing team and responsible for memes posted in the newspaper. Her favorite thing to do cannot be listed here due to school policies.

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