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Come with Me to my Daily Walks

Since we are all in quarantine, we don’t have much to do. So, along with my brother, we take our dogs for a walk almost everyday to spend some time out and get some fresh air. Since we live in Achumani, we just walk them near the neighborhood. We usually take them at 4:30p.m. and we go all the way from my house to the dog park near The Strongest.

Being able to have our afternoon walks is very relaxing. We get to spend some time together and do some exercise to not feel unmotivated. People might say that they don’t like to walk in La Paz for various reasons. First of all, the elevation, the bad smell of the rivers, the rocky streats, or even the uphills. I think walking here is the best experience. Unlike in other places, we get to meet friendly streat dogs and appreciate the fun graffiti all over our city.

These afternoon walks are my favorite part of the day. I get to breathe some fresh air, clear my mind, and have a good laugh. With my brother, it has become a tradition to read all the graffiti we see on the walls of houses or rivers. We usually see very funny, artistic, and inappropriate graffities. It is very fun to see and appreciate the art work others do. Though, the best part is to see people taking their anger out there. There are many graffitis where people are insulting their teacher or their exes by saying really bad and creative insults. You can also see unusual names like Beymark and Abel Alejandro.

Going on these walks relieves stress and helps me get into a better mood. If you are feeling down, I suggest you to go take a walk and read the graffities we have in our city!

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