Concerts Bolivia 2022

Due to the pandemic, concerts or any type of mass entertainment did not reach Bolivia. Since 2020, we haven’t had a concert with a national artist, and little by little this is changing. For this year, some artists were announced who will come to Bolivia to give a concert for the entire public. The artists that are coming are from different musical genres, and this creates that more people want to go.

The artists that attract the most attention are Daddy Yankee, Wisin, and Yandel since the nostalgia of many adults when listening to their artists from their youth attracts many people. The iconic duo of Wisin and Yandel will arrive on June 11 and only in Santa Cruz. Several people from all over Bolivia bought plane tickets and concert tickets to go. Daddy Yankee will arrive on September 23 and also only in Santa Cruz. These artists are coming back to Bolivia since 2017. 

Other Artists who will also arrive in Bolivia are Christian Nodal, Los Angeles Azules, and Sebastian Yatra, among others. Several people have already purchased their tickets for these concerts. Bolivia little by little returns to receive great artists. This might be only the beginning because since the moment that these concerts were announced we got rumors of big artists wanting to come to Bolivia. We already missed these concerts where all the people sing the same song. Are you going to one of these concerts? If not, what artist would you want to come to Bolivia in the future?

Andres Alba

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