Confidence is Key

Trust yourself, you can do it. Trust in your abilities, believe you can achieve it. All of us have heard this type of advice throughout our lives. It all summarizes up to confidence. Have confidence. 

Confidence is key in whatever you do. If you truly believe that you can achieve something, then you will. It is because this affects your mentality and performance. Trusting that you have what it takes will definitely take your performance to the next level.

Let’s use the example of soccer. If you know that you have trained your hardest and trust that you can definitely take on the other players and emerge victoriously, then this will affect your performance. You will be a well-trained athlete who trusts that he can make an impact on the field, instead of a well-trained athlete who lacks the confidence to put all of his abilities to show.

Having confidence in yourself also helps reduce nervousness. In the situation of having a test, staying calm will help you remember what you have studied and learned. Many of you probably forgot some of the material in a test because of this same reason; Nervousness.

Confidence will help you keep your cool and be able to think normally, and, in many situations, it will help with your performance. However, one can’t confuse confidence with cockiness. One of them will help you, while the other one will harm you. 

Confidence is key. Trust in your abilities, trust in yourself, and trust that you can surpass the obstacles you face, and your improvement will be faster.

Rodrigo De Grandchant

My name is Rodrigo de Grandchant. I am a junior who loves doing sports. I horseback ride, play soccer, and volleyball. I look forward to competing in the friendship games and to participate in many school events.

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