Copa America

Unfortunately, no one expected this year to be such a disaster. It is due to all the problems that have been going on in the world. Hold on for a minute, right now I am talking about the Copa America 2020. The problems that have been going on the past few months are not just healthwise, but also politically. Right now, the countries that are fighting against their governments are Venezuela and Chile. Bolivia suffered great national destruction due to the fact that the president Evo Morales didn’t want to leave his power. Well, all think these problems are small in comparison to the worldwide problem that all countries are working together in order to fix. This problem is a virus called COVID-19. Due to this major virus infection, Copa America is suspended until this whole problem is controlled totally. 

Why is it suspended?? Well, it is suspended due to all the time needed for the qualifying rounds of the tournament, and the fact that  group selection, team training, and all these factors are being changed by the virus. It is also suspended due to the fact that the cup was going to be in Colombia. Why is this a problem?? It is a problem due to the fact that no one can leave his/her country, so the virus doesn’t spread. People that are in charge of the Copa America state that the cup will take place in Colombia, but they don’t know the time frame they might need before announcing the reopening of the cup. They estimate that the cup will take place in the last months of this year 2020. Soccer tournaments such as the Conmebol, Serie A, La Liga, and other categories are being affected due to the immense amount of money they are losing. Even Though they try to manage the situation, economists around the world say that the money flow everywhere will decrease.

Due to all the situations with the COVID-19, all citizens should stay at their homes to prevent getting or acquiring the virus. People decided it was better to follow the rules to prevent death. As people are staying in their houses, many companies are creating things that people can do in their houses. These activities would include updating more series and uploading more movies so people may watch in order to use their time in the quarantine. For younger people, there are examples such as New PS4 games and online platforms in order for more people to play. Why are companies doing this?? Well, companies are doing the following in order for them to reduce the amount of money they are losing. Instead, they thought of new ways to make people consume their products in order for them to prevent the stopping of their profit.

Now let’s talk about the situation most people are in due to the COVID-19 in their houses. About me actually I am getting so bored due to all the problems we suffered not just like the world, but in Bolivia. First, the stupid strikes due to all the scandal Evo Morales created, at least we made him get out of the country by force. Then we were so happy in Bolivia due to the problems being solved. Some months later after all the scandal, a worldwide virus hits us. I’m actually not scared of the virus at all, because people tell me that my defenses are too strong for me to acquire the virus. I am truly scared of people who can acquire the virus. These certain people are older people in my family. These people can be my grandparents, great uncles, and other people that may be older and acquire the virus.

I am mad due to all the problems and the amount of time we wasted in our houses due to these problems. This time I am not that mad, because I think that if we follow the rules we should be fine. What are the reasons for me wanting to follow the rules?? These are the reasons for me to follow the rules, Italy got worse due to not following the rules, the US got worse for not following the rules. So many powerful countries are dying due to not following the rules of the virus. People are dying like if they were flies, due to not following the rules. When countries took the virus as nothing, it is when the most wealthy countries medically, and economically got affected by the virus. These countries are losing so many people due to the fact that there is still no cure for the virus. I hope that people in other countries see what is happening and follow the rules put by the government. If they follow the rules imposed by the government, the country should survive the virus attack. I hope that more people follow the rules, in order for them not to die. May God protect us and save us from the attack.

Jorge Salinas

My name is Jorge Salinas. I am a junior. I love soccer and tennis. A word that would describe me would be funny.

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