Copa Nissan Cancelled?!!!

Before coming to school, we all got notified that we were no longer going to participate in the Copa Nissan this year. This news frustrated many students at school, especially the ones that were actually going to play in the tournament. Our soccer teams were mad because we have been waiting to play the Cup for a very long time! Although it is  true that the tournament is at the beginning of our school year, we could have all worked something out to play. 

What angered most of the students was that we got informed about this only a few days before our first match! The worst part is that our soccer field is being used, and other teams are playing in it. Let’s all hope that next year this changes and we’re able to participate and win like we were going to this year! 

Many of us are wondering why this happened. We all found out about this because of a letter that was sent by the office explaining why this decision was taken. The letter clearly stated that the reasons for us not competing were 1. “Placing the physical demands of athletic competition at this level on our student athletes at the beginning of our school year is not safe.” 2. “The timing of the Nissan Cup is not aligned with our own soccer program.”

Although these were shocking, terrible news, a new tournament will be scheduled this semester. There will be a Cougar Cup tournament for both Middle School and High School where more than ten teams will be playing! The tournament will take place in our school’s field. 

Valeria Valdes

My name is Valeria Valdes. I am a sophomore who loves music. I am from Bolivia. My favorite food is cheese. A word that would describe me would be extroverted.

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