Covid-19 (coronavirus 2019) is an infectious disease that affects the respiratory system and was first detected during the Wuhan epidemic in late 2019. So far, there are more than 340,000 infected people and at least 15,000 dead people around the world. The most affected countries are China, Italy U.S., and Spain. The transmission of this disease occurs from person to person by inhaling saliva drops.

The virus reached Bolivia on March 26th and  has already infected 27 people across the country. Currently, fifteen of those infected belong to Santa Cruz, eight to Oruro, three to Cochabamba and one to La Paz. Because of this,  our country has entered phase three, the Pandemic Response. On March 21st, President announced a total quarantine of 14 days. He stated that only one member of a family can exit their home to buy basic necessities. Additionally, the Bolivian government closed airports and borders seven days after the first case was registered. Schools were closed two days after and the government announced a 14-day quarantine for all citizens. Currently, Bolivians are avoiding infections by staying at home. Also, disinfectants, masks, vitamin C tablets, and citrus fruits are in short supply in markets and pharmacies. Most citizens are remaining at home; however, there are a couple of citizens who continue to roam the streets.   Because of their misbehavior, many citizens are being threatened of getting arrested. 


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