CoronaVirus Influence in Street Art

Corona Virus has affected almost the whole world. So just like anything else of this magnitude many things are affected by it, for example, street art. We are already seeing talented street artists take inspiration on current events. We can see this in many different ways, for example, many paintings now include images of face masks or the well-known virus figure. Below are some paintings from all over the globe inspired by the pandemic. 


  1. This street art was painted by the artist Lionel Stanhope. He is known for drawing iconic signs in different cities like London and Forest Hill. This time we can see that he made a person with the style of the Renaissance wearing a red turban and a face mask.
  2. The artist of this mural is unknown. It is located in Dublin, Ireland and depicts a cell of the COVID-19. This time, the cell is portrayed in what has been seen in an epileptic or abstract way, with many colors and shapes.
  3. This work of art is located in the streets of Catania Italy, one of the cities with most deaths because of the virus. The painting presents the classic Monalisa wearing a face mask. It also has as hashtag #CATANIANONSIFERMA, which translates to “Catania does not stop” making a reference to the deaths caused by the coronavirus are not stopping.
  4. In this picture, we can see a piece of street art located in Belgium.  The picture portrays a healthcare worker in a very beautiful way. It also includes a word in german in the bottom left corner that says “Bedankt”. This word means thanks in german. This is clearly a form of gratitude to all health care workers out there trying to combat the virus.
  5. This mural was painted on Santa Monica beach in Los Angeles. It shows a couple kissing through the face masks they are wearing. This clearly depicts human contact’s dangers during this time but also the struggle of people not having this affecting, because humans are scientifically proven to need physical contact with others.

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