Cosmic Bubbles May be Forming Dark Matter

What is Dark Matter? Well, no one knows for sure, scientists just know that it is present in the universe as there is a gravitational tug on stars and galaxies. Scientists can measure the amount of dark matter in the universe through this gravitational tug. The universe is composed of around eighty percent dark matter scientists discovered. The origins of dark matter is unknown, but a new theory suggests that it may have formed at the same time matter as we know it was formed. During the initial period of the Big Bang known as the “Wild west”, particles collided and annihilated each other as quickly as they formed, but then the universe began to expand, slowing down the collision of these particles. This left behind behind conjoined particles that would later form stars and galaxies. Scientists believe that during this cooling period other particles such as the ones forming dark matter might have been present during this phase of the Big Bang. These hypothetical particles may also exist as thermal relics. During the Wild West portion of the Big Bang, plasma formed bubbles such as the ones found forming when boiling water, these bubbles contained the particles responsible for the formation of matter as humans know it. Scientists believe that the particles that make up dark matter might have escaped this bubble into the forever expanding universe.

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