COVID-19 and Sports

This new Coronavirus (COVID-19) plague has spread to almost all the countries in the world after it originated in China at the beginning of 2020. Around 533,000 people are known to be infected, this number can change exponentially from one day to another. The symptoms take around 15 days to appear so people don’t know if they contract the virus. People receive cold-like symptoms and their respiratory system is affected. This virus is extremely hard to control because people carrying the virus don’t show symptoms until later in the process. The virus has already taken over the United States, Europe, and Southeast Asia, and it is already spreading to Africa and South America.

People can prevent this plague by washing their hands constantly with soap and water or a gel sanitizer. This virus is spread by droplets (coughing or sneezing) that are ejected from humans to several surfaces. People touch these surfaces with their hands and they later touch their faces. Scientists are looking for a vaccine to stop this virus. This is an extremely severe pandemic that has been affecting our world and the people in several ways including sports. Also, several influencers like Tom Hanks and Prince Charles have tested positive for this virus.

These are the symptoms of COVID-19:

  • Dry cough
  • Temperature
  • Tiredness
  • Hard to breath
  • Sore throat
  • Yellow phlegm

Tips to stay safe:

  • Have hand-sanitizer at all times.
  • Constantly wash your hands.
  • Do NOT touch your face.
  • Sneeze or cough in the crook of your elbow.
  • Stay HOME!

Several sporting events like the NBA and the Champions League have been postponed. Europe football leagues have been postponed, tope men’s, and women’s tennis has been postponed, the NHL, the NBA, the NFL, and more. We don’t really when these sporting events will be active, I hope that they can come back in a short period of time. Several famous athletes like Artur Boruc have been confirmed positive for COVID-19. They should take precautions such as: stay home and stay away from loved ones. I hope this situation can improve. 


Julian Zamora

My name is Julian Zamora. I am a junior who loves soccer and tennis. A word that would describe me would be friendly.

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