COVID-19 to the Rescue

Of course, lockdowns and distancing won’t save the world at all from warming. But amid this crisis, and give us a chance to build a better tomorrow. The world has got a breath. In China and New York, the fog due to pollution has decreased rapidly and is now strikingly clean. This may be due to the close of factories and the circulation of cars. Even global carbon emissions have fallen. Venice’s Grand Canal is running clear now, and fishes have recovered their natural place. 

To be clear this pandemic is a complete tragedy, but it demonstrated to us that the real problem of this world is the human race. We are selfish in a way that some people don’t care about the environment. As in China, when the country was closed completely and factories were also closed, it caused a drop in carbon emissions of about 25%. It is time to re-think and decide about the way we are living as individuals and if it’s truly helping our future or harming the whole world.

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