COVID-19 VS. Undeveloped Countries

The coronavirus outbreak has had a huge impact on our world. It has overwhelmed the health systems almost everywhere and showed that even the top countries in healthcare were not as ready as the world thought they would be. Almost all hospitals are collapsing with patients with COVID-19 and they are experiencing shortages of doctors, protective equipment, and respirators. But, have you thought about what the poorest countries with almost no medical resources are going through? 

Let’s begin talking about those poor African countries. Ten of them have no ventilators or medical equipment at all. In Uganda, they just have 55 intensive care beds and almost 43 million citizens. In Kenya and Nigeria, people are being killed by security forces to enforce the lockdown. In fact, what I am trying  to say is that this pandemic is a tragedy for those developing countries 

Within rich countries, the lockdowns are rough and people follow them, in poor countries, the lockdown has not stopped, and the virus may lead to worse sufferings. First of all, many family members share only one room and do not even get water to wash their hands, so the infection rate will be higher. If we think about the future, we might get the vaccine, not fast but at a reasonable time. However, poor countries might get them in several years after its creation due to its cost and high demand in richer countries.

Wara Quintanilla

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