Crankworx Summer Series

Due to the global pandemic that has been going on for around 6 months, sports events have been canceled or postponed. Unlike downhill, enduro is a sport where athletes compete against the clock by climbing a hill and then descending it. More physical effort is put into an enduro race because there are various climbs and descents that have to be completed to finish the race. This weekend was an exception as The Crankworx Summer Series Enduro Races have begun. This weekend’s race was in British Columbia, Canada. The race was made up of 4 stages which were long and muddy due to a large amount of rainfall before the event. Riders from all over the world competed in one of the 1st mountain bike races of 2020, even downhill racers were there. Social distancing is still practiced and participants were 6 feet away from each other at all times to avoid any unnecessary risk. This race saw many crashes and injuries because a large quantity of people did not practice on their bikes during quarantine. This caused them to lose pace against competitors and also experience some crashes. This race resulted in Finn Iles winning the competition with a total of 976 points, he was 228 points above second place making it a complete victory The bikes used for enduro are different from the ones used for downhill because riders in enduro must climb the hill first and downhill riders only go down. Suspension is smaller in enduro bikes, (the bike is less slack) and the thickness of the suspension stanchions is smaller than downhill bikes

Borja Echevarria

My name is Borja Echevarria. I am a junior who loves motocross. I am from Spain. My favorite food is shrimp. A word that would describe me would be balanced

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