Creative Things To Do At Home

1.Have fun with your food

Not everyone likes cooking, especially when you have to cook every single day. But now that we all have some extra time we can have a bit more fun with our food. To be more creative with your food you don’t even need to do a big cake or anything like that. It is as easy as rearranging your food in a fun and different way and trying to see what looks nicer on the plate.

  1. Color Mandalas

Mandalas have been proven to be very psychologically fulfilling to many people.  It is a great way to spend some time to relax and reflect. This also helps your brain to be more in sync with your body, especially your extremities. If you think that just coloring a mandala is not entertaining enough you can try to do it while listening to music or watching TV.

  1. Draw

Many people say they are no good at drawing, which in some cases is true. But mostly is just the lack of practice. Drawing anything is a good practice to become good at it. It is also highly soothing and helps your ideas to take a physical form.

  1. Make a custom photo book

Many of us are thinking about our past experiences and memories in general. So why not relive them. Gather your favorite pictures of those special moments and paste them together in a notebook. You can do one page per memory and you’ll end up with a very nice book of memories. If you don’t want to waste ink while doing this you can also use a collage app on your phones.

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