Di Maria subbed during a game because of a burglary

Sunday, March 14, the day that Di Maria received the terrible news that his house was broken into with his family inside. Paris Saint-Germain was playing against Nantes when the Argentinian soccer player received the news. 

The manager received the news and immediately decided to sub off Di Maria in minute 62 of the game. He was directly taken to the dressing room and immediately left the stadium, the commentators said that it was a personal matter. This is not the first time that Angel Di Maria was a victim of a robbery, in 2015 during his time in Manchester United he was also targeted. During these past 18 months, several players in his team have been victims of robbery. 

They lost the match 2-1 but they weren’t concerned about this. The manager, Pochettino, said that the news affected the entire squad and that it isn’t an excuse but it brought the energy down. Even after the game, they didn’t talk much about the game but instead about the situation with Di Maria. The people responsible for this are not yet recognized but luckily, no family member was harmed during the event.

Julian Zamora

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