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Disaster at Travis Scott’s concert in Houston

The Astroworld Festival is an event created by the rapper Travis Scott. The first festival was held in November of 2018, and it takes place in Houston, at the NGR park. Since 2018, there has been an annual Astroworld Festival. During this year’s festival, an unfortunate disaster occurred, injuring 300 people and killing 9. The incident happened on November fifth. There were around 50,000 people at the festival. The massive crow compressed towards the stage, causing the platform to collapse. Thus, the high number of people injured and some fatal cases. Many people harshly criticize Travis Scott for not stopping the concert; however, it is difficult to recognize when people are injured in that type of concert. During a show like that, some people drink alcohol or even consume drugs. For that reason, it is difficult to distinguish the seriousness of a situation. Travis should have acted faster, but he shouldn’t have been blamed for the deaths or received so much hate. We are all people, and we all make mistakes. In the joyful and euphoric moment, sometimes we don’t realize things that are happening. We just enjoy the moment. Besides, Travis already reached out to the families and apologized for his late reaction. As I mentioned before, humans make mistakes, but we learn from them. That way, we can become better human beings.

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