Disney Magic

Have you ever been to Disney World? It is a magical place not. It’s not just a magical place for children, it is a magical place even for adults. For example, I am sixteen years old and I would not miss an opportunity to visit Disney World. 

  Disney World is a huge place. It includes four theme parks with two water parks and almost two dozen hotels. Disney World covers about forty square miles. This is almost about the same size as San Francisco. Isn’t it an impressively big place? Maybe this is why it is called Disney World because it is immense.  

As mentioned before, Disney World has four theme parks. Each of these theme parks has its own theme. We Begin with Epcot. Epcot is known for its delicious food and amazing restaurants there. It is the park that has a huge gray ball in the center of the entrance to the park. The second one is Animal Kingdom which, by the name, we get a pretty clear idea about what it is about. Animal Kingdom is known for the animal rides and safaris that you could go on. The third park is Hollywood Studios, and the last one is Magic Kingdom. Magic Kingdom is known for its parades and for the amazing roller coasters there, but mainly, for the beautiful castle that lights up and changes colors at night. It is the biggest theme park of the four. Then there are the two water parks, one name Typhoon Lagoon and the other one named Blizzard Beach. 

Just writing about this makes me feel excited and makes me want to visit Disney World. What an amazing park and full of magic. Every night you are able to see the princess parades and later, fireworks fill the park with happiness and excitement. What a magical place to visit.

Abril Zuazo

My name is Abril Zuazo. I am a senior who loves soccer. I am from Bolivia. My favorite food is Sushi. A word that would describe me would be gentle.

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