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Have you ever visited Disney World before? Disney is a magical place where dreams come true. You are able to see all the Disney characters and the magical Disney princesses in all of the different parks. There are four different theme parks and two water parks. Disney’s water parks are Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. The four theme parks are Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot. 

Magic Kingdom is one of the four theme parks in Disney World. Its theme is a fairy tale. In this park, you are able to see all of the different princesses of the Disney original movies. You are also able to take pictures with the different Disney characters that are walking around the park throughout the day. This theme park also performs parades both, during the day and at night. These parades are full of music and lights and you are able to see the Disney characters on the carts as well as dancers who are dancing throughout the street along with the parade. Roller coasters are another part of the fun adventure in Magic Kingdom. You could go to Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, and the Big Thunder Mountain. What an amazing and magical experience it is! Doesn’t this make you want to travel as soon as possible?

Hollywood studios, a Disney World theme park was known for the old Hollywood behind the scenes. Now, as well as in the other theme parks, you are able to enjoy the delicious food, the incredible entertaining parades performed, and the roller coasters such as Aerosmith. Hollywood Studios has amazing lands where people are able to live their “movie dreams”. There is a set of Indiana Jones where people are able to see the “behind the scenes” of the movie. You are also able to go watch the FANTASIA show which is performed at night and during the day, at that same place, you are able to be part of the beautiful show of Beauty and the Beast. 

Animal Kingdom is known for its flora and for the seven sections (of land). The Oasis, Discovery Island, Dinoland, Africa (where you can go on Safaris), and Pandora: The World of Avatar. My personal favorite is Pandora. You are able to go on a ride where you hop on a Banji (the Avatar movie animal the flies) and it seems like you are living in a different world. What an amazing ride. In Animal Kingdom you are also able to enjoy the delicious turkey legs.

Epcot is known for the different parts of the world you are able to visit in one theme park. You are even able to go to space in the ride called “Mission Space.” Epcot is mainly known for its geodesic sphere which is a ride that you are able to go on and it mainly shows an evolution of time. It is a time machine. In Epcot, you are able to enjoy the food of the different places that you can visit. For example, if you go to Mexico, you could eat tacos inside an Aztec temple. What an amazing experience isn’t it?

Just talking about this I suddenly feel goosebumps and would love to visit Disney World again. What do you say? Want to join me?

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