Do DC Movies Have a Chance Against MCU?

The two biggest comic publishing companies, DC and Marvel, have been competing against each other for years. Although DC has been dominating the market share of the comic industry, Marvel managed to completely surpass DC in the movie industry. Yes, DC made a couple of their own movies, but compared to Marvel Movies, they are below expectations. However, DC has not given up yet and is still preparing to produce more movies. Meanwhile, Marvel’s two greatest heroes have retired and are not coming back. Can DC catch up to MCU when there is no more Captain America nor Iron Man?

The first upcoming movie produced by DC is Joker, which will be released in October. Next comes Birds of Prey featuring Harley Quinn, followed by Wonder Woman, The Batman, and The Suicide Squad. Objectively, DC’s lineup is not that strong. To look at the positive side, the quality of their movies have been constantly improving since Justice League. To look at the negative side, they might have to reboot the whole movie franchise even before it has properly started. 

Although Iron Man and Captain America retired, Marvel still reigns supreme above others. Starting with Black Widow next year, their plan continues to Eternals, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, which features the first Asian superhero, and Doctor Strange and Multiverse of Madness. These new heroes and movies will expand the vast universe of Marvel even further.  

It will be extremely difficult for DC to surpass the MCU. Even if DC starts making decent movies, it will take years to catch up to the momentum that Marvel has been building up for over ten years. Without enough momentum and patience, DC carelessly challenged Marvel in 2016, relying too much on Batman and Superman. Result: failure and humiliation. People were disappointed, asking, “why they can’t make a movie as good as the Dark Knight?” To change the disappointed minds of people, these upcoming movies simply have to be spectacular. Then, perhaps, people will start talking about Justice League 2… hopefully. 

Keewan Kim

Keewan Kim is a 11th grader. He writes art editorials and is a Designer for the Newspaper Team. His favorite movie is Toy Story 3.

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