Does a person need company in order to not lose their minds?


Did you ever feel alone? Did you ever want to disappear and no one to notice? Do you sometimes want to not be with anyone at all? Did you ever say to yourself “I don’t need any company in order to live my life”? Do you think that you could live alone forever, and never lose your sanity? 


Social company, or some type of company is needed in human life. The human race is not the only living organism that needs company. Many animals such as the dog, lions, and elephants need company. This company may not always be “friends”,  it may also be families or relationships. People that have tried to live alone for very extensive amounts of time, end up missing any relatives, and friends they had before. The human race is also known for wanting what they can’t have. For example, we don’t know what we have until we lose it. Humans don’t know how to appreciate life, and its troubles. 


According to some studies, a person can get hurt by not having company at all. For example, a person may be affected if there is social isolation. The consequences of social isolation can be poor sleep, depression, cognitive decline, and poor cardiovascular function. These are just things that are predicted to happen. There are millions of variables that may affect, or change the negative effects that isolation can give the human body. In some cases, most probable there are people that actually live better when they are alone. Isolation may help them in some sort of way. Even though some people think that they are completely independent and that they could live alone, it is not completely true. Those people who think they don’t need other people and they could live completely alone on an island, don’t notice that in some form they do have company. The amount of time it may take to completely lose your mind and want to die, is 4-6 decades. This is just an approximation, so the amount of time it may take can vary depending on the type of person you are.

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