Does Lewandowski Deserve the ballon d’or?

Lewandoski is a great striker, winner of the last sextuple with Bayern Munich. But, does he really deserve the Ballon d’Or? The answer for many may be a resounding YES. He is a great player and a leader in the German team. His goals have contributed to the conquest of several trophies, such as the Champions League and the Bundesliga, among others. 


He is undoubtedly going through a great moment, but there are also great candidates for this prestigious award. A clear candidate is Messi, who for the first time in his soccer history has managed to win a title with his national team against Brazil.


Even with this title, Lewandowski surpasses him in terms of trophies won. In terms of statistics, Messi is the best playmaker, the leader in assists, etc. It is very difficult to make a comparison, as both are excellent players. But somehow Lewandowski is still the favorite, and soccer owes him this prestigious distinction.

Kengui Condori

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