E-sports. The Future?

Have you ever imagined that video games are sports? Video games are in the category of E-sports, that is the short name for electronic sports. Video games do not only take place in the houses when you play against other friends, but they also go much farther than that. There are huge E-sports tournaments of multiple video games such as Call of Duty, League of Legends, Dota 2, and other popular games.

E-sports are nothing new. Gamers have been doing this for over 30 years ago! It was around the year 2000 when computers became cheaper, and the internet became faster. This had a big impact on E-sports because more people got involved in this amazing sports. The definition of “being the best player” has changed since 2000. The best of the best players started competing against each other in huge E-sports tournaments. That is what makes E-sports so interesting.

Competition has been originated between players around the world. They compete for being the best of the best. The tournaments have been increasing in number and in popularity. At an E-sports competition, gamers will battle against each other on a particular game. These competitions can not only be seen from online platforms such as Twitch and Youtube, but millions of fans also gather around in big stadiums watching at their favorite E-sport athletes playing on enormous screens. The biggest E-sports event in 2015 was a championship of League of Legends. This tournament gathered more than 35 million viewers!

Since E-sports have gained huge popularity, companies have started to spend unimaginable amounts of money on these contests. The prizes for the winners of each tournament varies according to the popularity of the game. The prizes are around millions of dollars. For some people, E-sports might not be considered a sport because it does not involve any physical activity, such as soccer or rugby does. What do you think? Do you think E-sports are real sports? Are E-sports gonna gain such popularity that could beat sports’ popularity?

Rafael Vallejo

Mateo Vallejo, is a 10th grader. He writes Sports editorials and is a designer for the Newspaper Team. His favorite hobby is to play video games.

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