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Eco-Bricks CSP

A lot has changed since this virus has spread around the world. Involving not only school but sports, daily lives, many events, the world economy, etc. As many of you may know, this year’s CSP activities are a lot different from what we normally do. This semester, one of the CSPs is making Eco Bricks. An Ecobrick is a plastic bottle packed tight with used plastic to make a reusable building block.

Eco Bricks can be used to build furniture, gardens, greenhouses, etc. Eco Bricks are produced primarily to be able to manage plastic. The school’s main objective is to help out an organization that is trying to build a library in Mallasa with Eco Bricks. For CSP, each bottle is worth 3 hours. So why not join Eco bricks for our greater goods.

Nicolas Zamorra

Hi, my name is Nicolas, I am a junior, I love soccer, and a word that would describe me would be reliable.

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