Ecobricks are empty bottles that contain clean used plastic that is used like building blocks in places where the money is scarce. Ecobricks are extremely useful because they do not only make construction cheaper but they also remove plastic from our planet and reduce pollution.

Due to the political problems occurring in our country, some CSP projects were not completed, and now this global virus happened. The students weren’t able to complete their necessary hours and the projects were not completed. The school has made a great decision, the students will be making Ecobricks to complete their hours. Each Ecobrick will make students gain 2 hours. 

The school is working with an organization called “Extend Verde” and their goal is to get enough Ecobricks to build a classroom in a school in Achocalla. If you want more detailed information regarding this project, email Ms. Sainz, she is the teacher in charge of this project. Have fun saving the planet!

Julian Zamora

My name is Julian Zamora. I am a junior who loves soccer and tennis. A word that would describe me would be friendly.

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