El Papirri

Manuel Monroy Chazarreta, also known as El Papirri, is a Bolivian singer-songwriter and guitarist. He was born on September 18, 1961, in La Paz, Bolivia. His artistic career began at the age of 7 in 1978 and has composed at least 200 songs. 


He is the grandson of Andrés Chazarreta, who was one of the pioneers of folk music in Argentina. His mother is the guitarist Ana Chazarreta. El Papirri’s shows are celebrations of creativity, where different emotions take place.


His songs are very original. His albums and compilations were very successful. He has made a series of tours within and outside Bolivia making his music known internationally.


This artist became a benchmark in the country, several of his songs have become “anthems” such as “Metafísica popular”, “Hasta ahora”, “Alasitas”, “Bien le cascaremos” and others.


In 1984 he returned to Bolivia from exile and formed an ensemble to produce his first album (composed of 12 songs) called: “Hasta Ahora”. All those who have played with the singer were called “jazz players.”


Manuel Monrroy Chazarreta has written three books of chronicles in which he narrates his artistic trips and adventures.


El Papirri became host of the program “Bien le cascaremos”, Bolivian Ambassador in Ecuador, founder of The Strongest football team Bar, Director of the Folkloric Orchestra of the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, comedian, and other professions. As he stated, he has “positioned Bolivia’s name up high.”

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