Events Canceled-Rescheduled Because of the Pandemic

The pandemic is affecting our daily lives, but now major events are starting to be canceled or delayed until further notice. 


  • Concerts


Many concerts-tours have been postponed. Some artists who have delayed their performances are: Justin Bieber, BTS, Harry Styles, Camila Cabello, the Rolling Stones, Maluma, Khalid, Mariah Carrey, Ciara, Kiss, and many others.


  • Festivals-Ceremonies


Besides concerts being delayed, also major festivals where hundreds or thousands of people were planning to attend are now canceled or are waiting for things to settle to be rescheduled. Here are some of these festivals: Coachella, Texas music festival, Rock Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, VidCon, Cannes Film Festival, Billboard Music Awards, The Met Gala, IHeartRadio Music Awards, everything in France, St. Patrick’s Day Parades, Wonder-Con Anaheim, E3, Kids’ Choice Awards, Prague Film Festival.


  • TV shows and Movie Premieres


 Although some movies and series that were about to release this month are planning to do a straight to the digital release, others decided to pull back their releases. Three of HBO’s new shows starring Nicole Kidman and Mark Ruffalo are being rescheduled even though they were meant to release in May. Also, the sequel of the thriller A Quiet Place has been pushed back, as the director puts it: “until we CAN ALL see it all together”. Sony Pictures moved many of the major summer releases until next year, some of these are Morbius, Uncharted, Ghostbuster: Afterlife, etc. Warner Brothers also expected to be a blockbuster when Wonder Woman 1984 came out this June, but they decided to move it until August for now. Besides Wonder Woman movies like Scoob! and In the Heights has been moved to an unknown date. Universal Pictures moved the Minions movie to next year and decided to make the theatrical and digital release of the Invincible Man, the Hunt, and Emma simultaneously. 


  • Films and TV productions


Just like the movies and shows couldn’t premiere some can’t even finish the production.  

Some shows’ production that has been stopped are the Late night shows. Many of the hosts like Jimmy Fallon and James Corden moved their shows to the online world, interviewing the artists via video call and even having performances with dancers dancing in their houses and artists singing from the comfort of their kitchen. The Bachelor’s summer games were canceled. Disney put a pause in the production of movies like The Little Mermaid, Shang-Chi and shows like Grey’s Anatomy and the Disney+ marvel shows like Winter Soldier and Falcon and Loki. The Friends reunion has also taken a break among Big Brother Canada. These are just some of the major productions that stopped under the circumstances among many others.



  • Others


All broadway productions and major theatre shows have been stopped around the world. Also, many sports events have been postponed until further notice. One of the most shocking things is that this is the fourth time that Disneyland closes, the previous ones were 9/11, JFK’s assassination and the Northbridge earthquake. Nonetheless, this is the longest time Disney has closed in history. 

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