After The Resignation

Evo Morales’ After His Resignation

“Yo sigo siendo presidente.” That statement is in the news since former Bolivian president, Evo Morales, went to Mexico seeking asylum after he resigned to the presidency. Over the past three months, I have been listening to his statements and even though Morales is not the constitutional president of Bolivia, he continues to make statements about his political “role,” which only makes him look more ridiculous every time.

  Let me explain the situation here: the Tribunal Constitucional, the same one that stated that Morales’ re-re-reelection was his human right, stated that Jeanine Añez was the Constitutional President of Bolivia until new elections.  Even though Bolivia has been okay after the crisis, Morales has been instigating violence, claiming that the “Golpe de Estado” is an offense to “Bolivian democracy.” All of those statements are Morales’ attempt to remain relevant, while newly socialist treat Morales as a “hot potato”, since he has been moving from Mexico to Cuba, and from Cuba to Argentina. 

This situation makes me feel frustrated because Morales is trying to make the transition more difficult for all Bolivians, which have gone through a difficult time period ever since October 20th last year. As the elections get closer, Bolivia has to ignore Morales in order to choose a new leader, after 13 years of Morales’ regime; Morales’ allegations only want to divide Bolivia, and he has been doing that ever since he was president. He created a division among Bolivians that fortunately was able to bond the country back together. We just need to ignore Morales in order to continue unifying the country. 

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