Fake Foods And Food Scams You Need To Avoid

Over the past month the seafood fraud, which is the practice of misleading consumers about their seafood to increase profits, has become a toxic trend especially in New York where it went rampant. It’s crucial that everyone becomes aware to this trend due to the fact it affects a wide range of our population. It affects us at home, supermarkets, and restaurants. Various areas of food fraud have improved, but sadly food fraud is here to stay.

Three widespread food frauds are going on. The first one is the fish. By fish fraud I mean you look for a high-quality fish which would be expensive and instead of getting the fish you paid a high amount for you receive a low-quality fish paying the same amount. About three months ago, it was discovered by the New York State Attorney General’s Office that seafood fraud has been happening in supermarkets. This was a very concerning topic, and it’s also regarded as the “species substitution”. The second common food fraud is the fake Extra Virgin Olive Oil. No food has received such negative press for fraud and fakery issues as olive oil has. There are two main reasons why this fraud is so significant. The first reason is because you get ripped off once again, just like with the fish. Second of all, it is harmful to health. Since real olive oil is both incredibly delicious and one of the healthiest fats, with positive attributes; when it’s not real, you can lose many benefits. Lastly the third scam is that many supermarkets charge more for organic products. Meaning you get scammed once again on buying the same food just that it says it’s organic. These three scams are a huge new trend in our society, and we should watch out. It not only affects individuals, but it affects us worldwide.

Gwyndoline Tingey

Gwyndoline is a 12th grader. She is a photographer for the Newspaper team. She loves cheerleading.

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