Fake Phone Alert

Phones are very expensive these days. Some brands label prices that give them higher prices than their competitors (guess who?). Expensive phones have become extremely popular and there are many consumers who don’t have enough money to buy them. How would you feel if the phone you wanted came out on Amazon? It was used, but because it is secondhand, it costs less than half the original price. You would feel pretty tempted to buy the product. Don’t be.

There is one country in particular that excels in making fake products and selling it off as real. Fake phones (especially the phones with a certain fruit logo behind) have been prevalent in that country for years. Now, due to the advance of technology, fake phones are being sold internationally. The main problem is that most consumers have no way of knowing if the phone is real or not. If the price was suspiciously low, then one might suspect the phone is a fake. What if the price is reasonable? A certain fruit phone costs $799. If it says on Amazon “used” fruit phone for $599, would you consider the offer? Probably you would. The sellers would show you the real fruit phone before packing the fake one. Now, it is easier than ever to trick people. 

Then what should you do when you get scammed? The answer? It doesn’t matter. The possibility of catching the culprit is close to zero. It is almost impossible to get your money back. Probably the best way to avoid these scams is if you just buy your phones from the company’s shop itself. Buy it from the fruit store, not online. They sell older versions of their phones in stores, so you won’t have to worry about buying the latest models. So play safe, don’t get scammed, and always know that the fruit company isn’t the only phone manufacturer in the world. 

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