Falcon 9

The Falcon 9 is the first orbital class rocket that is capable of relaunching. The name comes from the Millenium Falcon, a fictional spaceship from the Star Wars franchise. In September, 2020, the Falcon 9 has had a total of 91 total launches, 52 total landings, and 37 reflown rockets. This means that 37 rockets have been able to relaunch. The Falcon 9 is a reusable, two staged rocket that has been designed and manufactured by a private company, SpaceX. It has been used as a reliable and safe form of transportation and payloads into Earth’s orbit and beyond.  The reusability has allowed SpaceX to reuse the most expensive components of the rocket and in turn, it has lowered the cost of space access. 


The Falcon 9 has a height of 70 meters, or 229.6 feet, and a diameter of 3.7 meters. It weighs around 549,054 kilograms which is 1,207,920 pounds. The rocket also has an engine that is found in Falcon 1 rockets, and Falcon Heavy rockets. The engine is called a Merlin, and was originally designed for recovery and reuse. Did you know that the engine weighs around 16% of the whole spaceship! However, the  Falcon 9 also contains an engine known as the Merlin Vacuum. At full power, this engine operates with the greatest efficiency for a hydrocarbon rocket engine made by the United States.


Recently, the Falcon 9 has launched for the Starlink 11 mission. These types of missions are set to send Starlink satellites into space. In September, around 715 satellites have been launched since the beginning. This is the 16th launch of SpaceX in 2020, and the 101st launch ever of the private company. This spaceship, which was first designed between 2005 – 2010, has made history and will keep on surprising us with what it does.

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