Fashion Show

The National Honor Society has organized a Fashion Show to gather money for the “Fundación Nuestra Esperanza.” This fashion show took place on Friday, January 30 and it was a great success. Ms. Andi, Ms. van Strien, Mr. Rios, Ms. Lisa, and Ms. Blanco are some of the amazing models participating in this fashion show. Most seniors and some juniors participated as well. The entertainment was incredible with the talented group Top Secret performing from 6:00 to 8:00 PM. At the end of the fabulous performance, there was an important raffle regarding Ms. Cabello. As most of the students know, Ms. Cabello was forced to leave school because of a severe illness. She had to travel to Cochabamba for approximately 2 months. This raffle is intended to help Ms. Cabello with her expensive medical treatment. I hope that most of the students bought several raffle tickets as well as tickets for the Fashion Show, it was a huge success for the school and it will change the life of several kids in the “Fundacion Nuestra Esperanza.” 

Julian Zamora

My name is Julian Zamora. I am a junior who loves soccer and tennis. A word that would describe me would be friendly.

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