Feliciano Lopez- The Player Who Lost The Most Matches

We usually have debates about who the greatest player of all time in each sport is. We might give different arguments that reflect incredible accomplishments about why this player is better than another one., but have you ever wondered about the players that hold negative records? By negative records I mean athletes that have done certain things so bad, that they are the best at being the worst in that category. 

The other day I was scrolling through Instagram and I read a post about the ATP player (active) with the most recorded L’s in his career. The player? Feliciano Lopez. I have to admit it, I was pretty surprised. I grew up hearing Feliciano’s names in tournaments finals, semi-finals, or even as the winner of such tournaments. To my surprise, even though he is considered a pretty successful player throughout Spain and the entire world, he has lost a total of 462 matches since his debut in 1998. 

To Feliciano’s defense, he is 39 years old, and at that age, it is pretty difficult to compete with young players in their 20’s that are not only in a better physical condition than a 39-year-old is, but they are also hungrier for wins in the ATP Tour. Feliciano won a title for the last time in 2019, and this year he had only won 2 matches. Should he retire?

Nicolas Trigo

Hi. My name is Nicolas Trigo, I’m a junior and what I enjoy the most in life is to give tennis, soccer, and sometimes even fifa ‘clasesitas’ to my friends.

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