Fenerbahce Beko lost only with one point to Maccabi Fox

Fenerbahce  Beko is the best Turkish Basketball team. It won already the Euroleague Championship in the season of 2015/2016. On Friday (2/7) Fenerbahce Beko played against Maccabi fox.

Fenerbahce was leading the whole first period (23-20). The second period (halftime) Maccabi caught up and the halftime end score was (40-41). At the end of the 3rd period, Fenerbahce was still behind with one point (63-64).In the final period, Fenerbahce lay in front with one point (77-76), but with only four seconds left Maccabi scored and won with one point (77-78).

The Fenerbahce players said in an interview after the game, that this was a very said game is and that they will focus on the next Euroluage Game against Real Madrid on 2/20/20.

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