Ferrari’s Improvements on their Power Unit

Every Formula 1 fan to this point has noticed that Ferrari seems to have a championship-contending car that could come up on top at the end of the season, this is if the team manages to carry this momentum through the whole year. The F1-75 has proved to have a great chassis and a rapid power unit in the pre-season testing, the opening race held in Bahrain, and in the last race in Saudi Arabia.  


What caught the attention of various individuals throughout the F1 paddock was the development of the power unit on Ferrari’s part. Even Mercedes Team Principal, Totto Wolff, was staggered by the gains that the team had made with the power unit. In comparison to last year, Ferrari has decided to change the internal combustion engine significantly. The team’s boss, Mattia Binotto, confirmed that the power unit is now using a new fuel, which consists of 10% ethanol, and is one of the biggest factors why there is such a change in the power unit. 


However, the most significant change in the power unit was the combination of super-fast ignition with a more turbulent intake mixture. This modification allowed the flame to expand to the boundaries of the combustion chamber faster. Ferrari made these changes in order to take full advantage of the standard fuel’s maximum fuel pressure of 500 bars allowed by the regulations.

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