Fifa: Many’s Favorite Video Game

What teenager does not like to play video games? During the last decade, video games became more popular. Like in music, the world of video games has a wide variety for all tastes. The games range from action games, and free world, to music and sports games. A game that became popular when there was a friend’s reunion or party, is FIFA.

The game created by the company “EA Sports,” is a football simulator. This game was released for the first time in 1993, and until now it is a classic of the video game world. This is a video game that annually releases a new version of its game. The game can be played alone and also in multiplayer. The game consists of choosing teams in real life like Barcelona or Real Madrid and playing with them. In addition to playing with real-life teams, there is an online mode where you can create your own team from scratch. These two modes are not the only ones in this video game, there are game modes where you can create your own player or where you can be the technical director of a real football team.

This October 1st, Fifa 22 comes out, and, like every year, the fans of the franchise are excited. How is everything there are also people who do not like these games? These people say that this game does not change anything over the years. Now with the release of the game, fans will be able to see if the game really changes or not. Now I would like to know your opinion; do you like this game or not?

Andres Alba

Hi, my name is Andres and I love to play video games and soccer. A word that describes me is creative.

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