Fires Raging In The Amazon Can Be Seen From The ISS

For the past three weeks now, wildfires all over the Amazon have been obliterating the rainforest at a record rate with an estimated 74,000 fires reported thus far. The wildfires have gotten so severe, that astronauts who are currently stationed in the ISS are claiming to be able to see the smoke from space. 

In this satellite image provided by Global Forest Watch, each dot represents an ongoing fire that has been raging since the 13th of August. As seen from the image, the Amazon is not the only forest in South America that’s currently up in flames. The Roboré forest of Santa Cruz, among many others, have also been reported to be on fire. 

The effects of this fire are detrimental to the entire world. The Amazon rainforest is responsible for providing the Earth with 20% of its oxygen and is home to several thousand species of plants and animals.

Allain Barros

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