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We all know physical activity has many health benefits. Many students have begun to lift weights and to perform intensive physical activity to change their bodies. Lifting has many health benefits.

Lifting weights prevents athletes from injuries. By getting muscles and joints stronger, athletes are capable to take their bodies through obstacles they have never experienced. It benefits the organs as well. The main organ that benefits is the heart. Lifting weights prevents the heart from suffering a heart attack or stroke by helping cardiovascular health more than running does. Also, it helps to burn calories, prevents diabetes through glucose management and it helps the mental well being as well.

Performing such physical activity helps the body by boosting the metabolism and triggering fat loss. Everyone aspires to perform such physical activities at the gym for different reasons. Some hit the gym to get stronger. Others hit the gym in order to look good for their significant other or to actually find one. Finally, some go to get bigger.

But, the seniors from our school have a different reason. They want to be fit for Punta Cana pictures at the beach.

Going to the gym brings many benefits to ones life. Not only may one look younger and healthier, but also internally it prevents people from heart diseases.

Although seniors are getting such benefits from performing these activities, they are not willing to risk their “ image” with an ugly Punta Cana picture going viral.

Go to the gym! You can only expect positive outcomes.

Sergio Gumucio

Sergio Gamucio, is a 12th grader. He writes Sports editorials and is part of the marketing group for the Newspaper Team. His favorite soccer team is Barcelona.

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