Formula 1

Formula 1 is the most prestigious and most important motor racing competition, surpassing competitions such as NASCAR or the World Rally Championship. This prestigious competition began in 1950, with its main figures also as main participants. Racing teams such as Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, and Maserati, were replaced with other teams such as McLaren, Williams, Red Bull, and Mercedes, which were awarded as part of the best constructors. The teams support the driver with the mechanical part of the car, each team is made up of technicians, engineers, designers, or support staff, who work in the pits. The pits are the places where the drivers take their cars to change tires or make mechanical repairs. 


This can be seen as the tactical part of the race. The Formula 1 competition in itself consists of the drivers and teams scoring points in each race for the respective championship, and the one with the most points is crowned the world champion. Another part that plays an important role in the race is the communication between the driver and his team, by means of microphones. Based on this, the driver can report all kinds of mechanical problems to his team. There is also the communication of the stewards with the drivers by means of the flags. Some of the flags that the stewards use to communicate with the drivers are:

  • Checkered: Indicates that it is the end of the race and that the first competitor to cross it will be the winner.
  • Yellow: Indicates that there is a danger on the track such as a stranded car or part of a vehicle that must be removed. In case this flag is used, drivers must slow down. But if two flags are used, drivers must slow down and are not allowed to overtake. 
  • Green: This means that the track is clear and the drivers can run at full speed.
  • Blue: Warns that a driver is allowed to be overtaken because he is one lap ahead.
  • With yellow and red stripes: Mean that there is a slippery spot on the track. 
  • Black: Disqualification of a driver.
  • White: That there is a car moving slowly on the track. 


And that’s all you need to know about Formula 1.

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