Fun Facts About The Oscars part 2

Since the 92nd Academy Awards were celebrated this past Sunday everyone is craving some more Oscar-related content.Here are 15 interesting things about Hollywood’s most prestigious awards. 


  • Two Characters, Four Oscars


In the last part, I mentioned that the actors Robert De Niro and Vito Corleone were the only actors to win an  Oscar for playing the same character. This Sunday history was repeated when Joaquin Phoenix won the award for best actor for his portrayal as the Joker. Heath Ledger won the award for best supporting actor for the same character.



  • Longest Show


The Longest Oscar Ceremony was celebrated in 2002 and was hosted by Whoopi Goldberg. It ran for four hours and twenty-three minutes. For the people who watched it here in Bolivia, it ended at almost 1:30 am.



  • Low on Metal


Due to the metal shortage during World War II the statues given during that time were made out of plaster.



  • Most Oscar Nominations


The Person with most Oscar nominations to this day is the music Composer Jhon Williams. He was nominated 52 times and only won five. With 88 years he received an Oscar nomination this year for his music in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.



  • First Role, First Win


Four actresses received Academy Awards for their performance in their cinematic debut. Among these actresses, we can find Julie Andrews for her role in Mary Poppins and, Barbra Streisand for her role in Funny Girl. 



  • No consecutive Supporting actress


In the history of the Academy, there have been many actors, directors, and composers that won the Oscar in their respective category consecutively throughout history. One of the two categories, where there have not been consecutive wins, is supporting actress.



  • First animated film nominated for Best Picture


The first animated film to be nominated in the Best Picture category is the classic Disney film The Beauty and the Beast in 1991.



  • First Foreign Language to Win Best Picture


This year history has been made, because of the Korean movie Parasite. The masterpiece directed by Boon Joon-ho won Best Picture, is the first international film to ever win this award.



  • First Person to be nominated for Best Actress and Songwriter in the same year


Last year, the popular singer and songwriter Lady Gaga starred in the movie A Star Is Born, alongside Bradley Cooper. Gaga won a nomination for best actress along with the Song Shallow, written and performed by herself.



  •  Worst Box Office to win Best Picture


In 2010, the Hurt Locker broke the record for the movie to win the best picture that had the lowest box office income. It earned only 21 million dollars in the box office worldwide, that money is less than 2% of what Avatar (other best picture nominee) had made in the box office.



  • Like Mother Like Daughter


This year winner for the best-supporting actress, Laura Dern has acting in her blood. Both her mother and father are acclaimed actors. They had received multiple Oscar nominations throughout their career, even so, Laura and her mother were both nominated for the best supporting actress and best actress in the same year, for the same movie.



  • Cost of the Ceremony


According to the site Wallethub, each ceremony costs approximately 44 million dollars every year. This includes $400 for each statuette and $24,700 for the carpet.



  • Many Nominations, No Win (Person)


Sound engineer, Kevin O’Connell was nominated 20 times before winning an Oscar in 2017. He won because of his work in the movie Hacksaw Ridge.



  • Many Nominations, No Win (Movie)


Both The Color Purple and The Turning Point got 11 nominations in their respective years, but neither won a single award.



  • First Best Animated Picture Winner


In 2001,   the Academy introduced the new category that celebrates the best animation pictures. The first movie to win this award is the masterpiece Shrek.

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